M Burger Top Secret Menu

Get in line for a burger sensation when you read all about the downright delicious secret menu going on at M Burger.
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  • Where did M Burger spring from in the first place?

  • Starting off in Chicago as a burger concept meant to fill up a bit of old space left behind by a 90s trend for dining in the restaurant kitchen, M Burger expanded quickly throughout the city. With a focus on clean-cut, simple dining and an on-the-run appeal, the burgers coming out of the M Burger kitchen were cooked fast on a hot griddle, sandwiched between the two sides of a plain bun and decked out with a secret sauce.

    Demand grew and the company kept it’s original no-fuss promise when producing their burgers, but they also saw an opportunity. They took their customer’s thoughts and customizations on board and created a secret menu of burger options to satisfy the tastes of all burger fans and aficionados.

    So secret, so classified, that, well, you can access it via the website. Yup, this might not be a word of mouth thing but every burger that appears on the M Burger secret menu is still one heck of a delightful mouthful. To check it out online, head to M Burger’s site and scroll through the menu until, surprise, a little secret menu pop up appears to whisk you off into burger heaven.
  • The options available are more like code words designed to up the ante on your regular order - why have a Nurse Betty when you can add a beef patty and a side of crispy bacon to the mix with a simple password? Upgrades to your normal run-of-the-mill burger notwithstanding, the secret menu is still exciting and you have to see it to believe it.
  • With sixteen upgrade options available, dither through the list here before heading to your local M Burger joint to collect

  • Cheese Fries

  • Add green chile cheese sauce, BBQ sauce

  • Pile those classic salty french fries high with a spicy chile cheese sauce and mix it up by adding house-made BBQ sauce too.
  • M Turkey

  • M Burger set up switched with turkey patty

  • Chew on delicious salty bacon, melted cheese, tangy pickle, crispy onions and secret M Burger sauce with the healthy turkey patty instead of a regular burger patty.
  • M Chicken

  • M Burger set up switched with a chicken breast

  • Chow down on tasty smoky bacon, melty cheese, tangy pickles, crispy onions and secret M Burger sauce with the healthy chicken breast instead of a regular burger patty.
  • Grilled Cheese

  • Exactly what it says on the tin

  • Grab a tasty grilled cheese while you’re out and about and consider asking your server to dose it up with M Burger secret sauce or green chillies.
  • Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

  • Add avocado, tomato

  • Doctor up your classic grilled cheese with some smooth, creamy avocado slices and a thick cut tomato.
  • Roman Style

  • Roman Style
  • Any sandwich created between two grilled cheeses instead of a bun

  • Whoah. Feeling peckish? Super-size your regular sandwich by going Roman Style and switch out a boring bun for double grilled cheese toasties on either side of your patty!
  • Salad Style

  • Any sandwich wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of a bun

  • Keep things healthy and delicious by choosing to upgrade your meal to Salad Style and having all the best bits of a burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf rather than a carby bun.
  • Big-O Style

  • Add grilled onions

  • Get an order of crispy grilled onions on your sandwich for a tasty, savory burst of flavor on top of your burger patty.
  • Turkey Old Fashioned

  • Old Fashioned ketchup and mayo with a turkey patty

  • Instead of the secret sauce M Burger is famous for, go for the classic burger sauces ketchup and mayo, with a turkey patty.
  • Fowl Mouth

  • Turkey sandwich with three levels of spicy BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, green chillies

  • Decide how far you want to push yourself and choose a level of heat for your turkey sandwich.
  • Chicken Hurt

  • Chicken sandwich with three levels of spicy BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, green chillies

  • It’s not labelled the hurt for nothing! Choose your level of hot and order a milkshake alongside to remove the burn from your mouth after eating!
  • Turkey Betty

  • Add a turkey patty to your Nurse Betty

  • Ditch the salad overload and add a turkey patty to your sandwich.
  • Bacon Betty

  • Add bacon to your Nurse Betty

  • Add a strip of savory deliciousness by asking for bacon to accompany your normal order.
  • Dr. Betty

  • Add a burger patty to your Nurse Betty

  • Get meaty and add a burger patty to the regular Nurse Betty salad sandwich.
  • Chicken Mikey

  • Chicken breast, lettuce, pickle, onion, ketchup, mayo

  • A mix of Old Fashioned and plain delicious, order this tasty classic sandwich.
  • Barnyard Burger

  • Lettuce, pickles, onion, sauce, burger patty, chicken breast, bacon, American cheese

  • If you’re super hungry, this is the way to go. Three meats, cheese and all the trimmings.
  • There are a couple of rumored extras you could try going for as well, if you’re in the mood for food

  • Noah’s Ark

  • A Barnyard Burger with two of all the meats

  • Wowzers, only apply if you have some serious hanger issues and need food ASAP!
  • 10th Level Hurt

  • Add spicy BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, green chillies, super spicy hot sauce

  • This one’s only for those who can take the pain - can you?
  • Did you know there is a secret shake menu at M Burger as well?

  • That’s not all though, folks. M Burger also has a dedicated secret shake menu, with a monthly secret shake announced through their social media, So stay tuned to their Facebook page for the down low on which shake is available right now, or take a gamble on it and offer your server a wink while requesting this month’s secret shake. Right now, it’s cookies ‘n’ cream and boy, oh boy, does it look like a good’un.
  • The M Burger secret menu looks fantastic and tastes even better. Head over to your local M Burger joint now to rustle up a tasty meal filled with upgrades and secret items. Hmm, what about a Noah’s Ark, 10th Level Hurt, Big-O, Salad Style? With a Cookies ‘n’ Cream secret shake to wash it all down with?

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