It’s Tiki Cocktail Season in Dallas with the Soon-to-be-Opened Pilikia

Tiki cocktails have been a part of this country’s drinking culture for a long time and it seems it’s about time Dallas grabbed a share of this beautiful trend.
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  • Yes, amazing Tiki cocktails are coming soon to Dallas. This comes in the form of Pilikia, a new bar, soon to be opened…later this month, actually. It is located in the Old East Dallas Downtown frontier.

    The brain child of owner who is also the creative mind behind other hotspots like The Tipsy Alchemist and Truth & Alibi, Pilikia couldn’t have come at a better time. Located near the former Three Sheets location, the trendy bar promises to quench the thirst of the lovers of this mid-century cocktail trend. We can only hope that they keep their end of the bargain, because we’ll be there with a bang! to begin the new year.
  • According to the owner, Pilikia’s interior works and construction will reflect on the Hawaiian origin of the name “Pilikia,” which means “trouble,” so expect plenty of island vibe, especially with its patio. It is expected to be completed and opened later this month, so let the countdown begin, folks. Not much waiting ahead. Be sure to head on there as soon as the ribbon on the door is cut and be among the first to pay homage to this lovely place.

    There are also games such as billiards and foosball, for those not so keen on sitting down to enjoy their drinks. The inside is set such that it makes you want to just kick back and sip your drink as you catch up on shows or sports on the big-screen TV. There is plenty of sitting space especially on the outdoor area. This in particular makes it ideal even for large groups, what with their big tables and the like.
  • The menu will be under the able guidance of barman Aaron Wang. He is the bartender at The Tipsy Alchemist and will also double up as the general manager at Pilikia, bringing in his rich bartending experience to the table. Cocktails on the menu will comprise of beverages such as the Mai Tai, Zombie, Painkiller, Texas Port, cherry/vanilla spiked daiquiri, etc.

    There is also an option of bitings on offer, which includes burgers and wood-fired pizza, to complement the cocktails menu, thus completing the entire clubbing experience.

    It is expected to open on the last weekend of January 2017, with the opening hours being between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. February will then herald a new schedule of regular operating hours from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. They will later introduce daytime opening hours on the weekends only when spring comes.

    Come expecting a tropical, exotic atmosphere, a great change from the Three Sheets.

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