Is Amanda Freitag Married?

So many people have been wondering about the relationship status of Chef Amanda and most of her fans keep asking, ‘Is Amanda Freitag married?’ well, after this exciting read, you’ll have the answer!
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  • Who is Amanda Freitag?

  • If you are a Bon Vivant, you must have already heard of Amanda Freitag, an exquisite Chef with remarkable culinary accomplishments. She is one of the best performing chefs in the world as we know it today as depicted by co-star role in the hit series Chopped and in American Diner Revival, where she is the co-host. These, among other iconic endeavors, have made her an unforgettable figure in the world of cooking, and she keeps impressing us with her culinary dexterity. There is quite a lot to admire about Amanda, not just her magical excellence in the kitchen but her personality as a whole. In most of her pictures, she is seen wearing a delightful grin which is as welcoming as a smile could get.
  • Amanda Freitag on Judging, Competing, and Cooking
  • Amanda’s Personal Life

  • A lot of people know about Amanda’s achievements when it comes to her career but there is one question that even her most devoted fans can’t answer; is Amanda Freitag married? There is actually nothing out there that really gives a hint about her marital situation, only a few breadcrumbs that don’t really lead to any substantial evidence of whether or not she is married or probably engaged to someone. At the age of 43 a lot of people keep wondering why she hasn’t already walked down the aisle and her fans keep hoping that that moment is going to come soon.
  • Amanda’s Personal Life
  • Who Is The Man In Her Life?

  • Whenever Amanda brings up something about her relationship status in interviews she keeps it vague but she does admit that she has a boyfriend. Despite the conjecture that keeps going on about her personal life, she doesn’t really reveal a lot about this mystery man. No one can say exactly who her boyfriend is except of course her closest friends and families. In the recent past, she has been spotted in a few photos where she seemed to be quite cozy with a few guys but looks like there was nothing solid.
  • Amanda And Gennaro Pecchia

  • As you can see here, both Amanda and Gennaro are in a cheerful mood, which even led to a kiss or a peck on the cheek. However, since then, they have never been spotted together again having a moment so it seems like it was not a thing.
  • Amanda And Gennaro Pecchia
  • Amanda And Bruce Seidel

  • Later on, there was this photo of Amanda and Bruce, a handsome gentleman indeed and they looked like they were having a blast of each other’s company. This pose supposedly fits that of a happy couple and moreover Bruce shared a tweet of a lovely sentiment about Amanda saying how fab she always looks! But then, it seems like that was not it, they haven’t been spotted again sharing such a wonderful moment again.
  • Amanda And Bruce Seidel
  • Amanda and Aaron Sanchez

  • Aaron was also another highly speculated match to Amanda especially since they are coworkers meaning that they definitely spend a lot of time together at work. Presumably, a lot of relationships have started out this way and most of Amanda’s fans felt like he was ‘the one’! Particularly since they attended a couple of parties together where they even made some fairly romantic poses for the camera. Still, it later came to be known that they are not really dating. They were just two close professional partners
  • Amanda and Aaron Sanchez
  • Other Relationship Buzzes

  • In her college days, Amanda was quite a catch and she was approached by a number of boys but there is no confirmation that nothing substantial ever came out of those. Tales about the relationship status of Amanda keep popping up here and there but there is actually nothing significant that has ever been verified. So, still on the question, is Amanda Freitag married? There is nothing concrete to show that she is a married woman, no ring on her finger or just any other indication that she is in a matrimonial relationship.

    Somewhere in the worldwide web there is an assertion that she is already married and she even has children and she does enjoy cooking for them. But then again, there is no mention of her husband’s name or the name of any of her children. It looks like her marital status is more of a mystery that keeps everyone guessing and hoping that the truth will be unveiled sooner rather than later.
  • Amanda Freitag And Her Relationship With Cooking

  • In the past twenty years, there is something that we know for sure Amanda has always been in love with and that is cooking! Throughout her life, she has dedicated herself to her culinary specialty and she does love it. There is nothing she enjoys doing more than spending time in the kitchen to unveil exceptionally tasty cuisines that have earned her a big name in the food preparation industry.

    In an interview back in 2013 for a food section edit on Pop Sugar by Anna Monette Roberts, it was pretty clear how dedicated Amanda is to her cooking and how much she loves it. It was just before she launched her restaurant in New York and she aimed at splitting her precious time between having forty winks, video shooting and cooking. Her desire was to keep doing what she does best, cooking and creating with her crew!
  • Amanda Freitag cooking
  • After a successful launch of her exquisite restaurant popularly known as The Empire, Amanda still shows us how enthusiastic she is about her cooking. The relationship between her and her food has always been delightful. In fact, in an interview by Tim Teeman for The Daily Beast where she was asked to choose her favorite dish in her restaurant she insisted that it’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all her children! If that doesn’t show how deeply she is bonded with her food, then nothing else will! However, she ultimately caved in and confessed that she has a soft spot for the sweet, savory, salty creamy and spicy octopus salad!
  • Raphael, Amanda Freitag’s Boyfriend

  • Well, isn’t this an enlightening moment? It should be especially after all the chitchat that keeps going around! Amanda actually has a boyfriend whom she has kept out of the public eye and that has resulted in the constant speculation that surrounds her private life. Amanda’s boyfriend is known as Raphael and he is an ultrasound technician. That is the only solid information there is about him so far. He has been her partner in ‘crime’ in all the cooking and the eating for a long time now. They have been in a relationship for six years now and Amanda admitted that Raphael has actually enjoyed the exclusive perks of her travels which include having a taste of the cuisine from the vast range of locations they have toured.
  • Amanda Freitag’s Boyfriend
  • Back in 2014 when she was asked about marriage by Tim Teeman in the interview for The Daily Beast, she said that she wasn’t sure about getting married or even having children. Once again, she also made it clear about how much she enjoyed her profession by saying that she has just had her restaurant baby, ‘The Empire’ which takes up most of her time. So now the persistent question of ‘‘is Amanda Freitag married?’’ has a conclusive answer at least as of 2014. She wasn’t married but she had a man in her life with whom she takes to her frequent escapades of eating out.
  • What The Future Holds

  • For now, there is no publicly shared photo of Amanda and Raphael but it’s safe to assume that he is a good looking gentleman particularly since Amanda is quite gorgeous herself. It is admirable for Amanda to have managed to keep her relationship completely out of the public eye especially since she is always staring on TV shows. As a celebrity, it becomes rather difficult to keep your private life out of the limelight, but no, not for Amanda! She has managed to have a perfect balance of what she wants out there in the public and what she doesn’t.

    From the look of things, even the sky isn’t the limit with Amanda and her career and we will keep seeing more of her as she keeps indulging our taste buds with mouthwatering delicacies, that is for those of us who will be fortunate enough to grab a bite at the Empire. Her outstanding work is an inspiration to all foodies and aspiring chefs because there is a lot to borrow from her, not only professionally but also from her personality.
  • What The Future Holds
  • As for her relationship, as she has been in one with Raphael for six years, there might be hope that the wedding bells may be ringing soon even though she said she wasn’t sure about it. For the reason that it was not a definite no on the marriage subject, there is probably a chance that things might change. Hopefully, that wonderful day will come to pass. For now, we will keep enjoying her ever-so-elegant technique in cooking and her appearances on Food Network's popular airs as we patiently wait and cross our fingers to celebrate that special moment with her.
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