Interesting Things You Might Not Have Known About Sophie Flay

It might surprise you that Chef Bobby Flay – owner of iconic restaurants Mesa Grill, Bar Americain, Bobby Flay Steak and Bobby’s Burger Palace – has a gorgeous 20-year-old daughter named Sophie. Her mother is Kate Connelly, Flay’s second wife, whom he met in 1995 and divorced in 2001 (he’s been divorced three times now). Although Sophie is a teenager and has her whole life ahead of her, she seems smarter and is now ready to take on the world. If she follows the path of her father, she could see much success in her life ahead.
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  • 1. Sophie is From Bobby’s Second Wife

  • Sophie Flay has born on April 16, 1996, not from the first but from the second marriage of Bobby Flay to Kate Connelly, who was a graduate of St. Michael’s College and a television host on the Food Network. Ms. Connelly met Bobby Flay for the first time on the set of “Robin Leach Talking Food,” a live and quirky food show where Bobby Flay was invited as a guest. Soon after the show, Bobby Flay invited her to dinner; they soon tied a knot and got married on October 1, 1995 at Flay’s now-closed restaurant Bolo. Kristin Booth Glen, Dean of City University Law School in Queens, officiated, soon after their first date at Monkey Bar. In 1996, after a year of their marriage, they were gifted by God with an angel in the form of daughter Sophia. Unfortunately the marriage could not succeed for long, ending in divorce in 2001 when Sophie was just 5 years old.
  • 2. Sophie Joined Her Father at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Bobby Flay became the first celebrity chef to be honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. Sophie joined him at the ceremony, and she had a lot to celebrate that day. Sophie stood at the podium and with the cadence of her father. She thanked her dad for his advice and support throughout her life and ended with a few heart touching lines for her father. “I hope I’m making him as proud of me as a daughter as I am to have him as my father, congratulation Dad!”
  • 3. Most Important Person in Bobby’s Life

  • Father loves his children, but there is a special bond between a father and his daughter, and that’s evidenced in the relationship between Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie. Bobby Flay considers Sophie to be the most important person in his life. At the ceremony of his Hollywood Walk of Fame, he shared his accomplishment with his daughter and said, “I need to dedicate this truly honorable moment to the most important person in my life, my daughter Sophie.” He further added, “I look forward to watching you build your own star – the star of life, passion and happiness, because really what more can we ask for? Love, Dad.”
  • 4. Does Sophie Have a Half Brother?

  • Yes! Sophie has a ten-years-elder step brother named Jonathan, who is from Kate Connelly’s first husband. Before marrying Bobby Flay, she was an unmarried mother whose apartment was decorated with the kinds of rugs that camouflage peanut-butter-and-jelly stains. At that time most of the art on the walls was by her son.
  • 5. Sophie Lives With Her Mom!

  • When a marriage ends there are many things that the divorced parents find unsettling, overwhelming and downright scary. They mostly get sucked into a nasty competition vying for custody of the children. Most of the parents want their children live with them and want to protect them from the emotional pain of divorce. But Sophie is lucky in this case and lives happily with her mom in Los Angeles. She frequently stays with her dad in the New York and Bobby is still very friendly with Sophie's mom.
  • 6. Sophie Has a Boyfriend!

  • Your twenties is a time when you can hop around and basically do whatever the hell you want. It’s the peak of our lives. We’re constantly learning, changing, adapting to the environments, social stresses and the people around us. Sophie being from the same age category also faces the same situation. She currently has a boyfriend as well, which her father revealed in an interview. Bobby thinks of himself as lucky in that case and has said that he considers her boyfriend is even luckier to have Sophie as her girlfriend.
  • 7. Sophie Loves Food!

  • For some people, food is just fuel to keep their bodies going, but it’s not the same for Sophie Flay. She adopted a healthier attitude toward food and seems to have more sensitive taste buds; that’s why she loves food. Bobby Flay explains it in his own words: “She’s really interested in food, loves to eat food, loves to go to restaurants, will try anything. I just thought it was kind of fun that she wanted me to teach her how to make a dish or two.” He further mentioned that chocolate chip pancakes and tomato pesto pasta are her favorite recipes when she’s home.
  • 8. Does Sophie Know How to Cook?

  • Most of us would think that Sophie would know cooking well, as she may have the opportunity to spend more time with her Dad in the kitchen. But despite being the daughter of Bobby Flay, America’s best known celebrity chef and Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sophie admitted that she does not know as much about cooking as people expect. She even revealed that she’s eaten eggs for every meal. During her cooking shows with her dad, Flay walks her through the recipes, teaching her ways how to make dishes.
  • 9. Sophie’s First TV Appearance and Mini-Series

  • At the age of 17, Sophie Flay made her daytime television debut on “The Rachael Ray Show” with her father. Bobby also invited her to join him for mini-series of cooking tutorials featuring her favorite recipes: pancakes and pasta. She knows well how to work the camera. She seems fearless and doesn’t get nervous in front of the camera, which her father has noticed. “The thing about Sophie is, like, you talk about getting nervous in front of the camera – I don’t think she ever does,” Bobby said. “I don’t think she cares – but in the best way. I don’t think she’s worried about it.”
  • 10. Bobby doesn't like her to drive motorcycles

  • Doctors refer to bike riders as organ donors because of a large number of motorcycle accidents. Like all other teenagers, Sophie loves biking because of the outdoors, the wind and the excitement. But, like all other parents, Bobby doesn’t like her to drive motorcycles. He doesn't feel it is safe even though Sophie considers herself a safe cyclist.
  • 11. Sophie’s Career Choice

  • Choosing a career can prove daunting. Some people really feel the weight of this choice, and it scares them. It’s a series of decisions, made as you progress through different stages of life. Parents want their children to find happiness and success in life, and one factor which influence these things is career choice. Although Bobby wants his daughter to choose the career of her own choice, his personal preference for her is to join her father’s profession. He stated in his own words, “If my daughter wants to get into this business, I would support that decision. She’s going to have a hard time not being in it. She loves food and she’s around it all the time.”
  • 12. Sophie at Rio 2016!

  • Sophie apparently traveled to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. She was at the Summer Olympics as an intern for NBC Sports. Bobby, as always proud and happy for his daughter, posted a picture of her on his Instagram account.
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