Greek Out at Boston's The Simple Greek

Mediterranean food has never been easier or more convenient in Boston! With a rise in health-minded restaurant fanatics, Mediterranean cuisine has taken off as one of the world’s healthiest diets.
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  • Many diners are looking to add more plant-based and Mediterranean recipes to their everyday dining experience. Greek food is one of the best cuisines to take on a healthy diet, while still getting flavor packed into every bite!
  • Mediterranean cuisine’s fresh culinary tradition is taking off in popularity. Now, Boston’s got a new fast-casual Greek option, The Simple Greek, which has taken shape since one of the contestants on NBC’s “The Profit,” Marcus Lemonis, pitched the idea. With a serious focus on homemade and super-fresh ingredients, The Simple Greek keeps things fast and efficient without sacrificing on authentic Greek flavors.
  • Build up from a pita or a bowl-style meal at The Simple Greek, and the possibilities are endless from there forward. Whether you take a traditional approach with gyro meat, or a chicken gyro, fresh off the rotating spit, or go for a vegetarian lentils and rice topping, the Mediterranean flavors are sure to shine. Adding toppings like kalamata olives, rice, or pepperoncini will round out the flavors on your fresh and health-minded meal. Then comes the best part: picking out a sauce and finishing touches. Whether you’re a hummus-lover, or a true dedicated tzatziki fan, The Simple Greek has all the bases covered. Add a dab of olive oil, a dash of oregano, or some lemon juice at the very end to give a bright finish to a protein-rich and nutritious meal. The Simple Greek also delivers on small plates, with tiropita (cheese pie), spanakopita (spinach pie) and dolmades to round out your meal. For something decidedly different, try out the Greek-style fries, seasoned with oregano, served up hot with crumbled Feta and red wine vinegar for a new taste sensation. The Simple Greek is marrying the fast casual concept with the idea of simple and wholesome Mediterranean dishes; a perfectly on-trend idea that is already booming in areas like Boston. Tradition, nutrition and convenience all converge at The Simple Greek, and the best of all of these worlds has given rise to a perfectly balanced meal, on the go.
  • The excitement doesn’t stop at lunch or dinner, at The Simple Greek. Check out the Greek Yogurt bar, where customers can line up to top their protein-packed and healthy yogurt with fruit and other toppings to sweeten the deal. Or, try out some other classic Greek recipes like Baklava, or its new interpretation in cheesecake form. This innovation on traditional Greek, with an update for a fast casual setting, is what gives The Simple Greek its unique and successful character. It’s no wonder this restaurant has earned so many loyal customers already, and it is certainly poised to do so again in Boston.

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