Explore Miami Like Anthony Bourdain

When Anthony Bourdain visits a city, foodies around the world can’t help but take notice. As the host of numerous television shows, including “The Layover” and “Parts Unknown,” Bourdain has a reputation for uncovering some of the best restaurants around the world. In doing so, unwraps some gems that have been hidden from view. He did just that during a trip to Miami for his show “The Layover.” Check out the places Bourdain visited during that Miami trip so you can dine in the same restaurants. You might not get your own TV show when you’re done touring Miami, but you will have a greater appreciation for all of the delicious food that this Florida city has to offer. By the time you finish your culinary tour, you’ll be ready to provide some great tips to your family and friends, making you the go-to person for food-related advice, just like Anthony Bourdain.
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  • La Perrada De Edgar

  • Anthony Bourdain put the hotdog joint La Perrada De Edgar on the worldwide map when he stopped by during “The Layover.” While there, he scarfed down a Columbian, which has cheese, onions, mustard, and potato sticks. It also has a pink sauce that’s made of mayonnaise and ketchup.

    If the Columbian doesn’t sound good to you, don’t worry. This restaurant has 21 hotdog varieties, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that will tempt your taste buds. After you finish the last bite, you’ll see why the award-winning eatery is recommended by food experts, including Anthony Bourdain. You’ll also realize that a hotdog isn’t just something that you put in the microwave and nuke. It can be a culinary delight when it’s in the right hands, and it’s definitely in those hands at La Perrada De Edgar. It’s so good that you just might find yourself choosing a hotdog over a steak when you’re in Miami.
  • River Oyster Bar

  • If you’re in the mood for organic local cuisine, check out the River Oyster Bar. The restaurant has a horseshoe-shaped bar inside, where you’ll find seafood stew and roasted lobster. You can also order off the extensive menu, which features crab cakes, grilled octopus, and other fresh dishes.

    Along with the seafood, you can get the restaurant’s take on ribs, chicken, pork chops, and other meat dishes. It’s also easy to load up on sides at River Oyster Bar.

    While it’s always fun to come into River Oyster Bar, you can also order carryout. In addition, the restaurant delivers so you can have some delicious food without leaving your house or hotel. Sometimes, it’s worth sacrificing the ambiance to stay in your pajamas a little bit longer. If that’s the case, order your food and wait for someone to deliver it to your front door. Then, you’ll be ready to dig in to the delicious food.
  • Las Olas Café

  • If you want to have an authentic Cuban experience when you’re in Miami, you need to put Las Olas Café on your itinerary. Unlike some restaurants that are tourist traps, this is the place to go if you want to mingle with the locals. The staff mainly speaks Spanish, so download a translation app for your phone before you walk through the door. Also, bring your cash, since Las Olas Café doesn’t take credit cards or checks. You won’t have to drain the ATM, though. This place is known for its reasonable prices and big portions, so you can fill up without breaking the bank at this Cuban eatery.

    You’ll find a lot of options to choose from at Las Olas Café, but be sure to try the Cuban sandwich. This authentic sandwich is popular with the locals, so find out what they’re raving about. The chicken and peppers meal is also a good choice. Be sure to wash it all down with a cup of Cuban coffee so you can immerse yourself in the Cuban culture during your tasty meal.
  • El Palacio de Los Jugos

  • Anthony Bourdain also recommends eating at El Palacio de Los Jugos when you visit Miami. You’ll see why it’s called the Palace of Juices when you stop by. You’ll find a variety of stands under one roof, where you can order fried plantains, roast pork sandwiches, Cuban rice and beans, and other authentic Cuban dishes. Along with the variety of foods, you’ll find a variety of juices, fruits, and sweets, making it easy to build the perfect meal for your specific tastes. In addition, the juices are always changing, so you can try something different with each trip to this authentic eatery.

    The staff mainly consists of Cubans, but you’ll see some other Latinos, as well. The Latino staff adds to the authentic experience. You’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Havana when you order some of the amazing food from El Palacio de Los Jugos.
  • Bahamian Pot Restaurant

  • Finish your trip out with a visit to the Bahamian Pot Restaurant. Opened in 1989, this eatery is run by three generations of family members, providing you with the type of atmosphere and service you can only get from a family-run establishment. It serves up Caribbean cuisine at its finest, and it is best known for its boiled fish, grits, and side of Johnnycake for breakfast. Johnnycake looks like a slice of buttered bread, but it has the same consistency as a piece of cake and tastes like cornbread, even though it’s flour-based. This sweet breakfast dish will get you off to a great start in the morning.

    The restaurant is also known for its whole fried fish, conch fritters, and delicious sides that are sure to fill up you during your meal. Along with the great food, you can expect a fun and cheerful atmosphere when you dine at this restaurant.

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