Bryan Dayton Gets a Piece of the Acclaimed Boulder Skyline

Bryan Dayton’s rooftop restaurant opens in early Spring 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. Catch a full view of the Flatirons and enjoy the menu brought together by acclaimed bartender Dayton and the talented chef Steve Redzikowski.
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  • Bryan Dayton, a mover and shaker in the Boulder beverage and hospitality scene, has changed lanes with his soon-to-be-opened rooftop restaurant. The yet to be named gastropub, set for opening in early spring, is a culmination of Dayton’s long-held dream of bringing the picturesque view of the Flatirons to the Boulder community.

    Dayton has excelled in the hospitality industry with the award winning Oak at Fourteenth, Acorn, and Brider, all co-owned with his chef partner Steven Redzikowski. However, he goes at it alone in this new venture, whose location at Suite#400 on 1023 Walnut Street has already been confirmed.

    The Boulder region spots skyscrapers which have since obstructed the breathtaking view of the Flatirons. Dayton reminisces about his memories of the magnificent views which he enjoyed at West End Tavern upon his relocation to the region in the mid-nineties. It therefore came as a pleasant surprise when he got a chance to set up shop at the coveted Pearl West location.
  • The savvy entrepreneur does not intend to wow the residents of the populous Boulder alone. He knows his restaurant will provide solace and satiate appetites of hikers, sinewy rock climbers and other visitors who visit this Colorado destination around the year.

    Boulder offers a vibrant social life, a variety of seasonal and annual cultural events, the geological haunts associated with the imposing Green Mountain’s Flatirons, some awesome historic sites in Chautauqua, numerous shopping malls and more secret pleasures around the cosmopolitan metro. For all this, Dayton is on point in providing an eatery for the crowds where they can watch spectacular sunsets and take in the glorious views of the snow-capped mountains.

    The menu and general concept remain under wraps, but with Redzikowski’s hand in it, you can expect the best of culinary delights in quality and variety. Dayton brings in a wealth of experience as a celebrated bartender and with this duo’s skills; it’s a done deal.
  • The talented Redzikowski promises Dayton his support in implementing the kitchen design and general operations, but he will not manage the daily operations of this new establishment. He intends to keep their other businesses thriving as Dayton focuses on his new baby.

    With all these points working for it, the restaurant looks set to become another of Boulder’s high rated eateries. The opening takes place this year. If you happen to be a resident or a visitor in eclectic Boulder, things will be looking up for you with this rooftop venue.

    Add this one to your list of beautiful and relaxing places around the world where you can enjoy the view, and maybe the majestic Flatirons will bring a new passion to your life, as great as Bryan Dayton’s passion about the soon-to-be-opened rooftop restaurant.

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