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Why is avocado recommended by the slimming experts?
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  • Avocado Diet

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  • Why is avocado recommended by the slimming experts?
    Though many persons have a kind of “fear” about avocado (especially those who wish to lose kilos), the experts suggest that our attitude towards this healthy and “misunderstood” fruit should be changed!

    ATTENTION: Avocado carries a high number of fats, however - as the experts support - these are good fats, aiming at stimulating the health, while they are promoting the slimming!

    It is true that for a number of years, avocado was among the “controversial” foods for the diets, but this is not so anymore. All nutritionists are urging us to integrate it in our nutrition….and not without a reason! Why?

    ATTENTION: A major percentage of avocado’s calorific value (which after all is quite high) – about the 85% of it – originates from the fats contained (which in the end is the most important reason for avoiding its use in diets).

    Having said all these, it is to be mentioned that avocado is an excellent source of nutritional ingredients, as:

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin E
    Plant fiber

    ATTENTION: One serving of avocado (that is, a cup) could cover the needs of the organism at a percentage of 32% of the RDD (Recommended Daily Dose) of the saturated fats and by an approximately 40% of the RDD of fiber required by the body during the day!

    How the avocado affects the organism and the……slimming?

    A team of specialists from the University of Loma Linda University Medical Center, led the research headed by Dr. Joan Sabate, based on samples taken from the nutrition of the people divided in two groups, one receiving avocado in its nutrition, while the second one excluded it completely. Comparative studies on the effects of the avocado being added in the nutrition were carried out regarding:
    the feeling of being full
    the response of the sugar’s insulin
    the intake of food (including the size of the said intake)
    The research team requested from the persons participating – individuals between the ages of 25 and 65 year, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) ranging from 25 to 35, to add the avocado in their nutrition (in particular to have ½ of an avocado in their lunch).

    Following the first five (5) hours of the meal’s end, the persons including the ½ of the avocado in their lunch presented a substantially higher feeling of fullness – by a percentage of 23% more specifically – while at the same time had a reduced desire for food by a percentage of 28% approximately (which is highly important on the process of the weight loss). The second group has shown a significantly lower period of time on expressing a desire for food after the lunch was completed.
    Besides, the addition of avocado made the persons to present a reduced desire for food as reported by the 40% even 3 hours after the meal and an increased feeling of fullness by a percentage of 26% approximately.
    But what happens with the calories?
    The avocado’s high calorific value had no effect on the weight loss?
    It was positive or negative, the influence of the avocado on the slimming?

    The portion of avocado added in the nutrition of the persons, more specifically in their lunch (not into any other day’s meal) might have increase the number of calories consumed by an amount of 112, along with an increase of the hydrocarbons………WITHOUT AT THE SAME TIME CAUSING AN INCREASE ON THE BLOOD’S SUGAR (that is, not exceeding the number expected after a day’s meal)!

    ATTENTION: The increase of the sugar levels in blood causes the increase of the appetite (as happens in the bulimia episodes and the sudden “attacks” on the fridge)!

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