Anthony Bourdain: Way along Hong Kong - A food guide for all the foodies

Anthony Bourdain, a veteran of numerous professional kitchens is a popular American chef and is a writer cum television personality. He has worked as an executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles and also maintains his relationship as a chef in New York. As a writer, his book ‘Kitchen confidential: adventures in culinary underbelly made him known to the outside world. His first culinary show was ‘a cook’s tour’ which did 35 episodes from 2002 to 2003. He graduated from the culinary institute of America and began his career in the world of cooking after that.
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  • Hong Kong with 7 billion people is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, but it’s also having an amazing bunch of food for all the foodies out there. If you are searching a place to chill out Hong Kong can definitely prove to be your best trip, for you’ll come across a variety of restaurants having amazing food along with carbonated drinks and preserved food. Perhaps, Hong Kong is a city which is known for its great food joints.
    Anthony Bourdain took a way around Hong Kong and shortlisted the best places and food joints for all the food lovers. A glimpse of the tour is as below:
  • Wonton Noodles

  • His first stop of the day was at an underground restaurant which is specialized in noodles. He had three more people along with him and a steaming bowl of noodles with moderate sized pork wontons were served in front of them. They found the noodles inexplicably luscious enough to fill their stomachs with butterflies. Also, a little spoon of vinegar along with a scoop of hot sauce made it even more delicious. This dish was perhaps the perfect way of starting off their journey that too on a rainy day.
  • Barbequed Pork rice

  • The place visited by Anthony Bourdain after this was a miniscule local shop that indulged in making roasted meats. The shop is specialized in making roasted meats and perhaps that was the reason he wanted to have a bite of it. There were many animals like pigs, ducks, geese that were hanging at the window of the shop. That local shop was something that you could miss at first glance, but once you have tasted their pork rice barbeque you would want to visit the same place again and again. Everything was made to perfection and it was skillfully roasted with just the right measure of spices giving it a heavenly taste. The covering of honey in it added an edge to it and made it an exclusive and unbeatable flawless dish.
  • Sugar cane juice

  • Sugar cane juice is something which is very commonly available these days. So, the reason for giving it a try at Hong Kong was of its popularity amongst the many rivals across the area. The reason for visiting this place was also something different that they do while making the sugar cane juice. All the juice that Anthony has tried earlier was freshly pressed artificially. But, the people here pressed their own juice and hence boil their juice before pressing it. Perhaps, this became the very reason for him and his friends wanting to visit this place. This place was not basically set up at a high edged place but it was being run by a local family in Hong Kong. Just the difference in the way of their pressing the sugarcane by their own made a huge difference in the taste of it. The result was incredibly refreshing and flavorsome.
  • Tea

  • Now, most of the people would be left wondering about how Anthony managed to even stop for something like tea, which could be found at any place, with ease. But interestingly, Anthony found this particular tea shop different from others. Here, he and his friends got to know about the different types of teas in the world. He was surprised by the fact that the man who was telling them about the different types of teas spent four years studying the topic of tea. Making tea was not just a mediocre task, but it also holds space for the right amount of temperature, which lowers for green teas and higher for black teas, and perhaps how long you let it sit. The tea served here was rejuvenating and succulent.
  • Dim sum

  • Anthony was introduced to dim sum when he was traveling through Melaka, Malaysia. What he acknowledged in Malaysia was that the Chinese tea houses open their doors at 5 in the morning. Coming to Hong Kong, the whole idea behind it was different. In Malaysia, most of the teahouses served them with push carts filled with steaming baskets of dumplings. But the process was more efficient in Hong Kong. The dim sum was extremely delicious and they also tried their favorites like crispy BBQ pork bun, pork dumplings and much more of that sort.
  • Egg Tart

  • Anthony found a difference between the egg tarts he found to his visit to Macau than to what he found in Hong Kong. The egg tarts from Macau were influenced by the Portuguese who got the recipe from the Geronimo’s monastery in Belem. Similarly, the egg tart in Hong Kong is influenced by the British custard tart. The tart he had in both Malaysia and Hong Kong were both delicious, and there was a tough time for his taste buds to realize the difference. They were perhaps the best he ever had and especially recommends it to everyone who visits this place. It was simple yet the subtle and eclectic taste had caught him spellbound.
  • Lei garden

  • Food guide of Hong Kong would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Lei garden. It is a reasonably priced restaurant for Cantonese food. It is famous for its dim sum, the range of healthy soups, fresh sea foods, and contemporary dishes. The signature dish of this restaurant is crispy chicken and soup. A pre-reservation is a must for this as this is usually piled up with many guests from all over Hong Kong.
  • Loaf on

  • Loaf on is particularly dedicated to seafood which is prepared in Guangdong style. This place includes banal chairs and a perfect ambiance for you to enjoy seafood. The signature dish of the restaurant ‘Tiger Chung’sCuisine’ will transport your taste buds to heaven. Other mouth-watering dishes of the loaf on include chili and garlic mantis prawn, the wild caught steamed grouper and the scallops.
  • Tung Po seafood restaurant

  • Being located in a non-descript government building, this restaurant is known for its ambiance and it also houses a wet market on a lower floor. It is basically an institution in Hong Kong. It serves many varieties of shrimp, crab, squid and scallops. After 9 pm there is a special performance of the owner’s break dancing moves and from here the whole restaurant converts into a disco club virtually. You would get the best seafood here along with the consistency in its taste and creativity of the chef.
  • Din Tai Fung

  • Taiwanese dim sum chain Din Tai Fung has already spread its popularity over Asia and is swiftly acquiring Australia and California. This restaurant focuses ceaselessly on the perfect execution of its dishes with perfection and sincerity and ensures that all its customers are seated. This quality has indeed been responsible for the inclusion of this outlet in the latest Bib Gourmand list. This restaurant spreads across a wide avenue so its customers do not need to wait for more than 40 minutes on an average. This time can be effectively put into use to choose and order your meal. Once you are able to attain an empty spot in this outlet, you can easily feel the Michelin ambiance combined with a calm and serene tenor. The service proffered is efficient and deferential, while the food is appetizing.
  • Tim Ho Wan

  • Tim Ho Wan is reputed to be one of the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurants. It was established by Chef Mak Kwai Pui, initially a dim sum chef at a restaurant called Lung King Hin, this unpretentious and authentic outlet serves extremely palatable morsels of traditional dim sum including pork buns, rice noodles, turnip cake and steamed egg cake. Since the staff does not accept reservations, you need to reach their early to have a table without any hassle. All the ordered meals are served quickly as its menu holds a small array of dishes. It’s extending its influence and has already opened a few more branches in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Rainbow seafood restaurant

  • Established in 1984, Rainbow Seafood restaurant is next to the largest fish farm in Hong Kong. It steadfastly delivers fresh seafood and manages more than a thousand customers every day. You just need to stroll and choose the seafood that you would like to have from many seafood tanks and wait until the delectable food is served to you based upon your detailing. It is fascinatingly comprehensive and serves mouthwatering seafood.

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