Anthony Bourdain Chocolate Lovers Guide

Are you a milk chocolate lover or a dark chocolate lover? Can one be converted to another? This list shows some of the best chocolate picks from Anthony Bourdain, with many of them having the ability to change the mind of the reader. Even if you have spent years only liking milk chocolate, there are some dark chocolate entries on this list that can change your taste forever. The same applies to dark chocolate lovers that can’t get past the overly sweet milk chocolate. Think of this list as the complete chocolate lovers guide, so don’t be surprised when there are entries on this list that you’ve never tried. That just means there is an extra reason for you to try something new, or at the very least lie about it and not feel guilty!
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  • Good & Evil Bar

  • How can this be? A dark chocolate bar made with cacao beans and endorsed by Christoper Curtin? Besides it being one of the most expensive chocolate bars you can buy, it uses 72% cacao. Consider this the darkest chocolate of the dark, a premium bar for chocolate lovers only. But notice that it is being marketed for all chocolate lovers, and not just the dark chocolate crowd. Why else would Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert openly endorse it? This chocolate bar is very much a guilty slice of heaven, and recommended for anyone that wants to try luxury chocolate that’s worth bragging to your friends about. Trying it once is also a good gateway into deciding whether chocolate made with cacao beans is fitting for your taste buds. Start gently, and savor every bite!
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate

  • When Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Jacque Torres in Boston, they discussed some of the incredible powers of chocolate. Torres is the owner of a powerful brand of upscale chocolate that has become an addiction to any chocolate lover. Smooth and rich, he also handles customized creations and gifts for customers that want to try out different flavors. The big winner in his creations is a hot chocolate made from grounding up a pure chocolate bar and adding just a hint of mint. It is the most delicious hot chocolate you’ll ever taste, and is thick and creamy enough in texture to turn you away from any packaged hot chocolate. Any respectable chocolate lover will make it a point to visit one of his many locations and have a look around. Chances are you won’t walk out empty handed, and will come out with a few new favorites.
  • Where Does The Cacao Bean Come From?

  • Consumed with curiosity, a trip to Peru was on the docket for an episode of ‘Parts Unknown’. Anthony Bourdain spends some time discovering the roots of the rare chocolate that was used in his Good & Evil bar. Chocolate goes as far back as Mayan times, and was a lot more pure in old times than it is now. That is why it is a rare treat when something like the Good & Evil bar come out. Chocolate lovers who are able should travel to Peru to see the same rare trees that make the cacao chocolate. The area is a very private, and those that are blessed by the shaman should feel privileged.
  • The Perfect Chocolate Mousse

  • In his own cookbook when explaining how to make professional chocolate mousse, Anthony Bourdain goes into great detail about never using second rate chocolate unless you want second rate results. He is very serious about his chocolate, just like every chocolate lover alive. In place of the usual generic brands, he makes it a point to push Valrhona chocolate. This isn’t something that you can just pick up in your neighborhood grocery store, and requires a little bit of research to acquire. Rest assured that if you love chocolate, it will become the biggest go to ingredient in your kitchen!
  • What Is Valrhona Chocolate?

  • Now this can turn into a scolding about why a chocolate lover such as yourself doesn’t already know about the world famous Valrhona chocolate. Fret not, as you’re not the only one! While Godiva is a name that is associated with premium chocolate, Valrhona is actually used by more chefs worldwide. The French chocolate manufacturer has been in business since 1922, and is a favorite among several chefs when preparing chocolate dishes. To put things into perspective, they run a school called École du Grand Chocolat for chefs that want to focus on chocolate dishes. Make it a point to order and try some of their chocolate and see for yourself why Anthony Bourdain recommends them in his cookbook.
  • On The Simpler Side

  • The many recipes that have seeped from Anthony Bourdains cookbook and made its rounds online are usually of the chocolate nature. However, the more obscure Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts are both easy to make and delicious. He is a lot more lenient with the prepping and ingredients with this recipe, which is probably why it has become so popular in residential households. Dark chocolate is the star of the recipe, but it is the hazelnuts that really bring out the best of all the ingredients. For the chocolate lovers that are not good cooks, this is a great way to learn a quick and easy recipe for homemade chocolate treats that don’t require a lot of work.
  • An $11,000 Chocolate Egg

  • This is borderline ridiculous, but it would be absurd to not give it the attention it deserves. On an episode of ‘No Reservations’, Anthony Bourdain highlighted this massive chocolate creation and interviewed his friend Chef Jacques Torres. You see, chocolate foodies have become such a big part of the industry that there are now chefs that specialize in ‘Chocolate Art’. Yes, you heard that correctly, and no it isn’t a joke! The 120 lbs. chocolate egg is actually a charity grab, and the proceeds for its payment will all go for a good cause. William Curley from London is a Guinness World record holder and was able to sell his creation for $10,000. So be honest, even as a chocolate lover, would you or would you not buy an $11,000 chocolate egg?
  • Enric Rovira

  • If you thought chocolate eggs that cost thousands of dollars were bad, then wait until you get a load of Enric Rovira and his chocolate genius. Anthony Bourdain’s featured the famous choclate artist on his show, and it led to some interesting creations being shown. Specializing in making chocolate eggs that sell for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, Rovira has made a name for himself and can even be considered on the same level as Chef Jacques Torres. Some of his creations have to be seen to be believed, and if you’re lucky enough to purchase one of them, you’ll spend more time showing it off than eating it!
  • La Puerta Falsa

  • Many people love Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations when it comes to restaurants, and it has led to an influx of clients for La Puerta Falsa. Located in Columbia, the restaurant is famous for its hot chocolate. It is an expensive place but is worth the money paid, as other than Boston or Peru you won’t get hot chocolate this rich and creamy. The delights of the restaurant doesn’t end there, and it seems they understand that the hot chocolate is their big ticket item. Expect for it to come out fresh and quick, and to have more items on the menu to pair with it than a traditional restaurant. Even if passing through the area, take a hot chocolate to go and enjoy one of the better recipes in the region.
  • There Is A Chocolate Discovery Center?

  • This comes as a surprise to many, even though it is old news. Another big name in the chocolate industry made a move, and it is none other than Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. They systematically joined the Culinary Institute of America and built the Ghirardelli Chocolate Discover Center. So where does Anthony Bourdain fit into this? Alumni to the college campus this was built on includes none other than Bourdain himself. But more importantly this should be the target spot for anyone looking for a powerful way to get into the chocolate making business. Not all chocolate lovers are just consumers, you know. On a side note it has been great news for the consumers, as the creation of the Center has made great strides in discovery of new ways to make chocolate even more delicious. I would call that a win/win situation for all!

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