A Food guide along Barcelona with Anthony Bourdain

nthony Bourdain, a veteran of numerous professional kitchens is a popular chef at America and is a writer cum television personality. He has worked as an executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles and also maintains his relationship as a chef in New York. As a writer, his book ‘Kitchen confidential: adventures in culinary underbelly made him known to the outside world. His first culinary show was ‘a cook’s tour’ which did 35 episodes from 2002 to 2003. He graduated from the culinary institute of America and began his career in the world of cooking after that.
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  • Anthony Bourdain visited many restaurants in Barcelona and the best ones are stated as below for you:
  • Restaurant Sant Joan

  • Though this restaurant is just opened for lunch but you will come across the best bistros in the town, in this restaurant. You will get traditional food which is delicious in taste and you may also get a decent wine along with any dish you pick. The delicate combination of tradition and subtle, exotic taste of the food available here is refreshing. The wine served is thirst-quenching. This place is not one of the fanciest places in Barcelona but you may plan a real date here and you will simply love it. The food here is Catalan and Spanish with exquisite flavors. The people working here are friendly, admirable and methodical. They do their best to proffer you your meal as quickly as possible. The tenor of this place is acutely pleasing and comforting. It will leave a rousing effect on you.
  • Tapac 24

  • If you want to have tapas then Tapac 24 is the best place that would be recommended to you. The quantity of the food is well managed and the quality is also extravagant. One thing which attracted Anthony was the way plating was done. The plate was well- executed, everything assembled in order and showcased in fine detail and precision. And most importantly it was extremely delicious. It is expensive as compared to other restaurantswhichserve tapas but once you’ll taste the tapas available here, it would seem to be worth every penny of your money.the staff is orderly and works with utter concentration. You will definitely have a good time here. You may place a booking here as it is usually occupied, and this will prove to be a very convenient deal for you is recommended by most of the people.
  • PacoMeralgo

  • If seafood is your favorite, then you don’t need to think of going somewhere else other than Paco Meralgo. You can enjoy seafood in Catalan style here. You will see all the corporate people along with many others. This is also a tourist friendly place and you will see that this place is loved by innumerable tourists. The best thing about this place is its fast and efficient service. The people working here are courteous and gentle. The food served is fresh and delectable. It is not an expensive restaurant and its prices are very reasonable compared to other restaurants in Barcelona. Also, this is opened on Sunday. So, if you need to plan out a date on Sunday, you may choose this restaurant. The aura of this place will catch you spellbound no matter what the occasion is, you can spend a wonderful time here.
  • El Xampanyet

  • El Xampanyet will prove to be the best place for party lovers. The atmosphere is perpetually charged by the enthusiasm and the place is filled with free-spirited souls. It is a fun and frolic kind of place for people who love to experiment along. It will prove to be the best place for drink and nosh. You can always count on this place to have an exciting evening. Different and tropical wines are available here. The famous wine of Xampanyet is a semi-bar. The wine served is crisp, fruity and clean. You may also try the stuffed red peppers and Boquerón’s, which are the specialty of this place. They are inexplicably appetizing and prove to be an appealing meal. The service is systematic and quick. You will for sure have lots of fun here and count is as one of the most memorable time of your life.
  • Euskal Etxea

  • It is close to the above mentioned restaurant, ‘El Xampanyet’. So, you can have as looked here too after visiting El Xampanyet. They offer pintos which are exceptionally luscious. The prices of this place are reasonable so you can plan to go here anytime. The food is mouth-watering and tempting. A group of 5-6 people can go and book a table because usually this place is occupied. You can also have a look at their decorative stuff which is present on the walls of the restaurant, adding to the enchanting ambience of this place. The restaurant is vibrant yet houses distinct and unusual stuff, providing you an energizing atmosphere full of zest. You will surely feel like visiting this place because of its combination of an energizing atmosphere, efficient service and inviting food.
  • Taller the Tapas

  • The food quality of Taller the Tapas is excellent and you will have an amazing quality of wine here. All the wines are uncommonly stimulating and leave a heavenly taste in your mouth. Taller the tapas is located at the Rambla de Catalunya and you will come across many businesses oriented people here, along with the tourists and local people.This, therefore, proves to be the choice of many tourists and this is also reputed to be the favorite spot for the tourists in Barcelona. The QPR is also great here. The drinks served are chilled, flavorsome and of the best quality. The service quality is also nice and thefood is served in the minimum time possible. The gentry here is unique as I had already mentioned that it is the favorite place of the corporate to discuss their deals along with having tasty food. The atmosphere is, therefore, businesslike and well-organized giving this places an eminent charm of its own.
  • Cerveseria Catalane

  • Cervesria Catalane has just been opened after complete remodeling. This new version of Catalane is unique, modern and very corporate. The food here is very delicious and decent and you can spend all day here the reason being its comfortable furniture. The aura of this place is enticing and your heart will surely desire to be here for a longer time span. The fried dish is the main dish over here and ordering this one is the first thing you shall do. You may also try the pan con tomato with dip. All the items are fresh and very palatable. You may also visit Bar Pinotxo in the Boquerón. The food here is very delicious and it’s worth visiting. The service is quick, delivering flavorful food within a short time frame. The distinctive atmosphere is cool, invigorating and fresh.
  • Bar Mut

  • This restaurant had the tastiest patatas bravas and it will surely leave you mouth-watering while they are in front of you. It had the perfect blend of all the spices and all the main ingredients were fresh and very nicely altered. The sauces had a very mouth mongering taste. They are rich in flavors and succulent. It had home-made vermut’s which also added on to this dish. You can also have it along Iberico, which will be melted on your tongue like butter. This combination will prove to be delicious, unique and crisp. The atmosphere is divine and the service peculiarly reliable and courteous. All the customers visiting this place always hold a high opinion of this place. This clearly shows that the place is incredible.
  • XIX bar

  • XIX Bar was established more than 100 years ago and is called the oldest bar of gin found in Barcelona. You can find a large array of gins here; they are most likely to have every available gin in this world. A wide number of flavors aligned from Pomelo all the way to extraordinary flavors like Cardamom and even Jamaican Pepper is accessible here. Also, another wonderful item demanding your attention is the tonics. You can ostensibly find more than thirty different obtainable tonics and choose the appropriate tonic which appeals to your taste buds the most. It was amazingly exhilarating and proved to be the best closure to our last evening in the beautiful place of Barcelona.
  • These places, as suggested by Anthony Bourdain, are the best eateries in Barcelona. They have earned rave and remarkable reviews from everyone. Be it their service, atmosphere or the quality of the food and drinks served here, they are singularly alluring. Everything about these places is captivating and delightful. These outlets have gained a firm reputation of being perfect and exceedingly winning places. So if you ever have the opportunity of visiting Barcelona, these eating joints should surely be counted in your places to visit list or you will be regretting later.

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