8 Beautiful Bento Boxes With Ochikeron

Become an awesome chef at home, and blow cartoon lovers minds with Ochikeron Bento’s Youtube channel!
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  • If you’ve always been fascinated and salivating over delicious asian cuisine, but weren’t quite sure if you could make all the arrangements not like like a trainwreck, some guidance from Ochikeron could have you blowing up your Instagram food game or food snaps in no time. Ochikeron is featured on a Youtube channel of the same name, where she prepares asian dishes, like Bento boxes, in styles you wouldn’t believe.

    They look artistic, and taste delicious, and everyone who can properly use a pair of chopsticks will love them. Well, other people will probably love them too, but would feel guilty stabbing food that was crafted so masterfully. On all the instructional guides, the description lists the difficulty of preparing each one, so you can get an idea of the work you have cut out for you. Here, we’re going to touch on eight different boxes by Ochikeron, so you can make a meal that everyone will appreciate,
  • ….Including #1. Minions

  • If one were Stewart the Minion had this next dish on the boat to New York, he wouldn’t have had the awkward mishap of trying to eat Bob and Kevin, thinking they were bananas. If you had this next dish for watching Minions, you’d enjoy those little guys even more.While bananas didn’t make their way into this box, turns out eggs can become Minions instead, with the help of a little mayonnaise, and sweet and sour pork to get your protein in on the side. The Despicable Me Bento box is listed as one of easier Ochikeron dishes to make,probably because Minions struggle with many tasks, including cooking. However, simple is often the key to succulent, which came to mind when I tried it at home. Even if the Minions haven’t started to serve you on your evil deeds, the sweet and sour pork will.We’ll drop the mic on that.
  • #2, fans of the original yellow buffoon, Spongebob.

  • Ironically, the main difficulty in this dish listed is patience, which unless you’re Gary the Snail, you probably wouldn’t be a huge fan of in Bikini Bottom. But for us humans on the surface,or Squirrels in glass oxygen-domes, I think we can break the millennial stereotype. This dish features Omurice, which kids often find delicious. If you want to work on your Mom and Pop cooking skills, give the Spongebob Lunch Box a try.
  • #3, Evil Witches and fans of Angelina Jolie.

  • If you can make poison apples, talk to mirrors, and know you’re by the far the fairest chef of them all, this is the type of dish for you...and innocent Snow White too probably, it’s considered a pretty easy dish to make. Grab a Huntsman and some seven little mini assistants (to be politically correct) and give this seaweed loaded, pescetarian friendly dish under your belt. When you’re done making your Maleficent creation, take a picture and post the #ochikeron on it to see how many mirrors love your skills.
  • #4. Vegans with a sweet tooth

  • It may not be an entire Bento Box, but you can sweeten up any of your other creations by adding this Tofu Brownie to it. It’s “Super Easy,” as in, too easy not to try making it, and super delicious, as in too delicious to not try it. Sugar,Cocoa, and walnuts, are just a couple of the flavor notes on this Vegan alternative to other Brownies.
  • #5. BEER! Fans

  • Another on the Super Easy category, and actually on the non-alcoholic category, Ochikeron has her own way to recreate the taste of a common favorite, but in the form of Jelly.Literally all you need is Apple Juice and Gelatin powder. We don’t have any specific recommendation of what kind of apple juice you use, but either way, enjoy responsibly, and preferably soberly.
  • #6 Frozen Fangirls and fanboys

  • Ana and Elsa would probably avoid this personal favorite, but we won’t tell them if you want to try.Another delicious one for egg and rice lovers. It’s a combo that not enough people know the excellent taste of...well maybe they do, just not enough. It’s also pretty hearty, having “snowflake sausage.” This is another one for breakfast lovers that hashtag #ochikeron and want to live in a Disney movie.
  • #7 Those that are ready for Father’s Day

  • This Choux Pastry will blow your mind. It’s a great way to thank the man who raised you, and let him know your cooking skills. This one is for Strawberry lovers as well, but the fruit flavor can be replaced,as it’s just a topping.This one comes into the Medium difficulty category.
  • #8 All of them…..IF YOU CATCH EM’

  • Check out this pastry that all OG Pokemon fans will love to death. The Pokemon game franchise has spread into an international sensation, but this pays homage to Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle. Take a nostalgic taste test, and find many more on Ochikeron’s channel below, and find all kinds of dishes, for all levels of chefs.This ones one of the easier dishes on the site, you just need a little bit of time. One day, if you keep on expanding on Ochikeron’s kitchen, and drawing new pokemon on dishes, you may become your own gym leader, and get some badges….or at least some good eating.

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