6 Spas Where you Can Literally Bathe in Food and Drink

Have you ever declared "This tastes so good, I wish I could bathe in it!" after taking a bite or sip of something delicious? If so, you'll be happy to know there's a good chance that you can. You just have to know where to go. As it turns out, there's no shortage of places across the globe where you can strip down and soak up some relaxation in a basin, pool, or open-air spring filled with comfort foods and beverages that many of us know and love. Move over, seaweed wraps and caviar facials, and make way for these seven resort and spas that aren't afraid to play the whole "food-themed therapeutic treatments" thing to the hilt, as they invite their customers to literally immerse themselves in their favorite edibles and potables.
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  • The Spa at the Hotel Hershey, Hershey Park

  • Located in: Hershey, PA, USA
    Bathe in: Whipped Cocoa

    Sure, we may outgrow certain adolescent comfort sources as adulthood approaches, but regardless of age, there are few stresses in life that can't be soothed by hot cocoa. Popular among the host of chocolate-themed pampering options one can melt into at this Hershey Park hotel spa, is its signature foaming cocoa milk bath. Soft, revitalized skin is the main attraction here (as is the opportunity to indulge in a classic feel-good beverage in a manner few people you know are likely to have done), along with the calming aromatherapy carried in the chocolate scent. Noteworthy elements of this experience, which in 2004 was awarded a U.S. patent, are the long-lasting, frothy bubbles it produces and the Hershey's Kisses placed along the tub edge to assuage your sweet tooth.
  • Ureshino Onsen Warakuen

  • Located in: Ureshino, Saga Perfecture, Japan
    Bathe in: Ureshino Tea

    In a town renowned for its hot springs and tea, it makes sense that the two attractions should at some point converge to form an experience greater than the sum of its parts. Cultivated since the mid-seventeenth century, locally-produced Ureshino tea can be enjoyed at Ureshino Onsen Warakuen in the form of Chaburo. A portmanteau of the Japanese words "cha" ("tea") and "furo" ("bath"), the term chaburo refers to a bath taken in green tea. To those visitors for whom sipping their tea just isn't an intimate enough interaction, the resort spa offers a heated open-air bath containing those famous Ureshino Tea leaves. The bath is said to benefit the skin for all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and antibacterial compounds that the tea brings to the party.
  • Pilsen Beer Spa

  • Located in: Plzeň, Czech Republic
    Bathe in: Pilsner beer

    The Western Bohemia city of Plzeň has earned recognition as a 2015 "European Capital of Culture." Surely some credit for that must go to the fact that in addition to being a thriving center of art, theater, and breweries it boasts a beer spa where weary visitors can enjoy an hour-long soak in special suds. In its five custom-built wooden tubs await hot baths that are made using natural ingredients and Pilsener malt to clear and rejuevenate the skin. Best of all, this beer bath includes a tubside barrel of Purkmistr beer for each bather to chug from to their hearts' delight.
  • Sakeburo Yunosawa, Echigo-Yuzawa Rail Station

  • Located in: Echigo, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
    Bathe in: Japanese sake

    For centuries, to quell the skin-punishing effects inflicted by years of wearing their signature white face makeup, many geisha washed their faces with Japanese sake. Skin-toning properties owed to various enzymes and amino acids present in the stuff have aided the rise of the Sakeburo, or "sake bath." The Ponshu-kan, a sake-sampler's paradise built into the Echigo-Yuzawa train station, allows visitors the option of going all in and getting neck-deep in a steamy bath to which sake specifically-formulated for the purpose gets added each day. 

  • Hop in the Spa

  • Located in: Sisters, OR, USA
    Bathe in: Microbrew beer

    Craft beer aficionados will likely appreciate the chance to de-stress and detoxify at this beer-centric spa that was booked solid within one day of its February 13th opening. Here, it's all about the microbrews, with each soak, consisting of minerals, skin-toning hops, exfoliating malt, and other proprietary additives, formulated just 60 to 90 minutes before a guest's arrival. The spa follows this up with an Ayurvedic massage that keeps the theme going by utilizing hop-infused essential oils, then invites you to knock back a couple of beers once you're feelin' kinda right. The entire experience serves up about 45 minutes of alcoholic beverage-based therapy for all the microbrew diehards out there in need of a good, beer-infused release.
  • Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

  • Located in: Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
    Bathe in: Ramen noodles, Green tea, Sake, Wine, Coffee

    The clear overachiever of this list, this Japanese resort and spa offers baths in a variety of foodstuffs. Want to relax in a ramen bowl? Kick back in a coffee pool? Warm up with a wine soak? Yunessun has what you need. From its ramen noodle bath utilizing pork broth full of skin-nourishing collagen, to its 3.6 meter wine bottle that delivers body-refreshing red wine to an outdoor pool, it's clear someone has put great effort into making this place the undisputed pinnacle of therapeutic food baths. The resort even offers bath areas for those willing to strut around in the buff, as well as pools for more modest guests wanting to rock a bathing suit. Set that kind of attention to customer needs against the backdrop of the picturesque Hakone mountains, and it's clear that this resort provides all the tranquility that any person could reasonably expect while having hot streams of morning joe and ramen broth poured over their head.

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