Three-Week Weight Loss Regime - Lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks

Are you worried about your weight? Then it is time for you to lose weight. Go for 3-week 10-pound weight loss regime and lose your way to a fab figure.
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  • Losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks is difficult but not impossible. With right guidance, motivation, diet plan, and exercise you can convert this impossible task into a possible one. To lose 10 pounds, you need to follow a few steps and achieve the results that you want. Before starting any such plan make sure to consult with your dietician or doctor and stay committed to your diet and exercise plans.

    How do you get rid of that bit of extra weight that seems to hang around your waistline due to age, stress, a recent birth, or simply falling into a workout rut? To help give your metabolism a boost, a unique group of exercises that will end your boring routines and get your body fired up to shed that stubborn weight.
  • Lose weight by following diet plan

  • 1. Reduce Calories Intake
    The first rule in a diet plan is to cut back on the number of calories you eat. For every 1 lb of fat you need to burn approximately 3500 calories; this means for 10 lbs you will need to burn 35000 calories in total. Now your aim is to lose 3 to 4 pound per week. Maintaining a diet between of 1200 and 1500 calories daily can help you to reach your aim of losing 10 pounds of weight in 3 weeks. Wow, isn’t it simple! Basic mathematics to help you lose your weight.

    2. Cut The Carbs

    Probably, this is the most important part of your weight loss regime and help you achieve your 10-pound weight loss in 3-weeks’ time. Consuming foods with low carbs turns on the fat loss switch in your body, which in turn, uses the fat stored in the body as energy. Cutting down on carbs also helps you lose excess water weight, because carbs make you feel thirsty and you end up drinking a lot of water. These measures have a positive effect on you and you end up losing weight.
  • Remember, cutting down on carbs does not mean you avoid it completely. The point is to limit the carb intake. Once you have reached your goal of losing 10 pounds, you can eat them, in limited quantities. During the weight loss regime, limit your intake of:
    a. Processed carbohydrates such as pasta, cookies, rice, bread, etc.
    b. Simple Sugar such as candy, Fruit juice, soda, etc.

    You can eat as much as vegetables and fruits as you like but ensure that that your total carb intake does not exceed 75 grams.

    3. Add more Protein and Healthy Fats in your Diet

    Eat highly nutritious foods that are low in saturated fat and sugar. Your diet should consist of very lean proteins, such as skinless chicken, turkey breast, fish, egg white, whey powder and vegetables. You do not have to count grams of protein but make sure that protein that you eat is about the size of the palm of your hand at every meal. This will ensure that you are on track to get enough protein every day.
  • Includes a small amount of whole grains, like wheat bread, brown rice and fortified cereal in your meal. You can also add non-fat dairy products and consume fruits as snacks. Last but not the least, eat plenty of monounsaturated fat during every meal. Monounsaturated fat also makes your foods taste better. Limit corn and other vegetable oils, and instead consume fat from avocados, coconut, and olive oil. Almond and macadamia nuts are also good sources of healthy fats.

    4. Avoid Junk Food

    Avoid high-fat and high-sugar foods to lose weight quickly. You will have to cut down on fast food, fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, sweets, soda, fruit juices, whole milk, and foods with white or refined flour.
  • 5. Avoid Diet Soda

    Diet Sodas don’t have calories and taste good. Advertisers only fool you by informing that diet soda has no calories and can help you lose weight. And bubbles make your mouth tingle feels great too. But unfortunately, they can kill your weight loss progress. Studies have shown that diet soda can actually make you eat more and gain weight. This is because the artificial sweeteners present in these drinks sends signals to your brain to make you eat more, even if you are not feeling hungry.
  • Instead of diet soda, you can drink cold lemon water, with a dash of apple cider vinegar. Probably, one of the most often recommended drink in a weight loss program, cold lemon water with apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits. It keeps you full longer between meals. Lemon juice helps your body digest food slowly, keeping energy levels stable, while the cold water helps in burning more calories.

    Another fool-proof task to follow is to drink water before every meal. This will ensure that you eat less at every meal, translating to quick weight loss.

    Allot 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch, 500 calories for dinner and 100 calories for snacks. By maintaining specific calories in your diet, you can dump up to 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

    6. Lose 10 pounds of weight in 3 weeks through exercise

    A successful weight loss program begins with some SMART planning. Once you plan your diet chart, ensure that you have a chart for a daily workout. Schedule about 30 minutes every day for your workout and mark it as “Workout Time.” Ensure that you don’t compromise with it, even if it means you will have to reschedule some of your day-to-day activities.

    Ensure that you exercise at least 5 times a week. On three days, concentrate on intense cardio exercises, such as running, cycling or swimming. On the other two days, focus on strength training. Strength training increases your stamina.

    7. Cardio-Exercises

    Having understood the kind of diet you should be following, let us now understand the kind of exercises that you should focus on to meet the target of losing 10 pounds. Your weight loss regime should include both diet regime and cardio-exercises, so that you lose the weight in the most effective manner. Continuing with your diet and the exercise regime will ensure that you do not regain the lost pounds.
  • Types of Cardio Exercises

  • 1. Walking or Running

    Walking for 30 minutes every day is great for burning calories, however, jogging and running helps you burn more calories as compared to walking. It is recommended that you mix these – walking, jogging and running, at fixed intervals. Doing this three to four times a week can help you in losing 10 pounds in no time at all. Ensure that your running is at your maximum speed for short bursts. Immediately follow it up with a slow walk, followed by some jogging.

    2. Cycling

    Cycling is a safe and effective way to lose weight because it's extremely low-impact on your joints. Cycling makes for excellent cardiovascular exercise, particularly if you are able to maintain a relatively fast pace. Losing 10 pounds through cycling should be a fairly modest goal for you because you can do it quickly.

    If you are overweight, look to lose about 3 to 4 pounds of weight. Focus on losing about one pound of weight per week exclusively through cycling. That should be equivalent to burning roughly 1500 calories per day.

    3. Swimming

    Swimming is a unique and effective alternative to other types of cardio workouts like running or cycling. Swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises because your entire body works and it is a low impact form of exercise too.

    Swim for about 30 to 60 minutes, 4 to 6 days a week. This will help you in not only losing weight but also reduce health risks such as stroke, diabetes and heart diseases.

    Swimming, as pointed out, provides you a full body workout. Your muscles in the lower body, upper body, core and back work in synchronization to become strong during a swimming workout. Swimming also strengthens your heart and lungs.

    If you have joint problems, your physician would recommend swimming as an exercise to help you relieve the pain of the joints.

    Considering a week of exercises, these are some of the intense cardio-exercises that you can follow on the first three days of the week. The next couple of days can be devoted to strength training exercises, as given below.
  • 8. Strength Training Exercises

    Strength Training is one of the best ways to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Strength training helps you build muscle and burn more calories during and after an intense workout. Strength training also helps you to increase the resting metabolic rate even 16 hours post exercise.
  • Following are some of the examples of these types of exercise.
    1. Push ups
    2. Jumps
    3. Burpees

    9. Drink plenty of water

    Ensure that you are well hydrated after these exercises, because they reduce the quantity of water in your body. Drink plenty of water after your workout as it will flush out excess salt and water from your system. Reduce the quantity of salt in your diet, as sodium retains excess water that causes weight gain. Try using spices, like peppers, cumin, garlic and others to flavour your food.

    If you have a sauna nearby, try visiting it. Sweating out will help you lose weight too, but you need to make sure that you replenish the water you lost through sweat by drinking water. This will keep you healthy and hydrated.

    10. Lifestyle Changes

    Last but not least, to achieve this goal of losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks, don’t forget to incorporate the following lifestyle changes as well.
    1. Remember the 80-20 rule. What you eat is 80% of your fitness and wellness success.
    2. Divide your body weight (in pounds) by two and consume those number of ounces of water per day.
    3. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
    4. Never starve yourself. This will not serve the purpose of weight loss.
    5. Ensure you devote time for workouts.
  • Wrap up

  • The above steps, if followed, will help you lose the targeted number of pounds off your body. You need to ensure that you follow these regimes diligently, without fail.

    Prior to starting your regime, motivate yourself to follow this regime, for once you follow this regime, you will be encouraged to stick to it and you will not have the urge to change your regime once you have attained your goal.

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