12 Food Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2016

From sumptuous smoothies to exotic delicacies, Instagram is the home of everything delicious. If you love staring at food pictures or making new meals every day, follow these accounts.
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  • If you love food, Instagram is a great place to get fresh recipes and learn new tricks. The social media platform has some excellent food accounts worth following. They are perfect for days when you need extra inspiration to step into the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes. Follow these food Instagram accounts and learn how to cook excellent meals or where to go on days when you want to eat out.
  • 1) @leefromamerica

  • Lee Tilghman is the brains behind this outstanding Instagram account. She is exceptional in that she is both a food stylist and a recipe developer. She constantly shares her love for food with other Instagrammers. Through her account, you can learn the tricks and secrets of blending fruits to produce tantalizing smoothies. What you immediately pick out when you follow Lee is that she is an expert in smoothies. She dedicates her time to making healthy recipes and to sharing her experiences with other Instagrammers.
  • 2) @marika.collins

  • Marika Collins tells stories through food. She uses short videos and photos to share recipes with her followers. Her Instagram account features some of the most stunning pictures of dishes. Unlike other food Instagram accounts, Marika’s is different because she steps into the kitchen to cook. She is not only interested in taking and posting photos of meals prepared by other people but in showcasing her handiwork too.
  • 3) @edibleliving

  • Sarah Copeland owns this captivating Instagram account. She wears many hats: she is a food stylist, a food editor, a recipe developer, a food expert, and the author of a cookbook. Her Instagram account features healthy and nutritious recipes that promote wellness. It has many photos and videos that will inspire you to put your culinary skills to the test once more. Your love for food and cooking will go a notch higher by following @edibleliving on Instagram.
  • 4) @cooksmarts

  • If your search for a place where you can find great vegetable-filled meals has been unsuccessful, follow @cooksmarts on Instagram today. Jess Dang is the owner of this Instagram account, which she uses to share her experience and passion for cooking. Jess believes in enlightening other Instagrammers on the benefits of eating healthy, delicious meals. Follow her today and learn how to prepare healthy, vegetable-based meals.
  • 5) @sliceofpai

  • Joann Pai – who is based in Vancouver – uses this Instagram account to share food and lifestyle photos. Although she’s primarily a photographer, this has not stopped her from sharing excellent shots of exquisite and eclectic meals with her Instagram followers. Her work has appeared in notable publications like Buzzfeed, Forbes, and Vogue. Log in to your Instagram account today and follow this reputable source to see exciting dishes that will make you salivate.
  • 6) @chrstinatosi

  • You will learn everything about Milk Bars on Christina Tosi’s Instagram account. Christina is the queen of pastries. Her Instagram account is full of decadent, scrumptious, and mouthwatering milk bars. Christina is a trendsetter, any milk bar or pastry you see on her Instagram account is likely to appear in your local restaurant soon. Follow her to stay ahead of the local eateries.
  • 7) @davidchang

  • David Chang has created an empire. Momofuku is the name of his empire, which is based in New York, Toronto, and Sydney. In fact, the Asian-American restaurant is on the extended list of the world’s 50 best restaurants. David Chang is also a top chef. His food videos will leave you feeling like you have just landed in food heaven. His food videos are what #foodporn is all about. After watching them, expect to dash into the kitchen or to the nearest fancy restaurant.
  • 8) @sundaysuppers

  • If you wish to learn how to style dishes and present them attractively to your guests on the dining table, follow @sundaysuppers on Instagram. The account is owned by Karen Mordechai who is not only a photographer but also a renowned food stylist. She will teach you a lot about styling food. If you have time, visit Sunday Peppers, which she founded. It is a public center for cooking in Brooklyn.
  • 9) @kankana_saxena

  • Do you love Italian dishes? Is your appetite for Indian dishes at a dangerously high level? One of the best food Instagram accounts to follow is @kankana_saxena, which belongs to Kankana Saxena. Kankana is a food blogger at PlayfulCooking.com. She takes food photos and posts them on her Instagram account. Follow her for inspiring ideas on some of the tastiest Italian or Indian dishes.
  • 10) @alexatala

  • The 2014 list of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants featured D.O.M, which is in Sao Paolo. The eatery clinched the third position. The 2015 list of the world’s 50 best restaurants ranked D.O.M at position nine. You will be happy to know that the person behind D.O.M is Alex Atala and that he’s on Instagram. Alex has discovered some of the least used ingredients – found in Amazon – and incorporated them into his dishes. Follow him to learn the Amazon ingredients that you should incorporate in your dishes.
  • 11) @juanmaelcielo

  • If you want to discover how to use large kitchen knives to prepare finger-licking meals, follow Juan Manual Barrientos on Instagram. He owns El Cielo, one of the best restaurants in Latin America. His restaurant boasts two locations: Medellin, Bogota, and Miami, Florida. Juan is one of the most-followed chefs in the world. He will teach you a lot about making appetizing Latin American dishes and cooking delicious and exceptional meals. If you’ve lost your passion for cooking, you will find it after going through his Instagram account.
  • 12) @reneredzepinoma

  • Closing this wonderful chapter is Rene Redzepi. His restaurant, christened Noma, has topped the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants four times. If you ever visit Denmark, make a reservation at Noma for a firsthand experience of Rene’s exceptional culinary skills. But if you’re unsuccessful in making a reservation (or never visit the happy country), the best alternative is to follow him on Instagram. His account is full of photos of lip smacking dishes that will leave you salivating.

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